Ready to improve your outbound sales with business owners? Practice these B2B telemarketing tips for better strategies, approaches, and mindsets.

You ever noticed how B2C and B2B telemarketing tips are essentially the same? Almost nothing about selling to consumers applies to selling to business owners. And yet, no one wants to point out the obvious: these industries are two different beasts and require separate strategies.

You might say that B2B telemarketing tips should go even deeper. Cold calling a business and successfully starting a dialogue with a decision-maker takes a certain mindset.

b2b telemarketing tips

7 B2B telemarking tips that guarantee success

1. Strategy is more important than your words

What’s the first thing you do when you’re drafting an important email to your boss? It’s not likely you just start writing, see what comes out, and send it on its merry way.

You approach the email with a plan. You consider how the intended reader will react. You pay attention to your language. And you carefully put down words that communicate a crafted, tailored message.

Calling on a business prospect also requires careful planning. Strategy trumps everything. Successful campaigns use specific, deliberate messages for one intended audience.

Hint: you just read one of the best B2B telemarketing tips out there. Did you catch it?

Here it is again: craft deliberate messages, offers, and pitches for ONE intended audience.

Break your campaigns down into customer segments. Get specific. Know your audience, and build a strategy around their needs (and your solutions for those needs).

2. Go beyond the obvious with your call list targets

What’s your target customer think before going to bed? What about her business keeps her awake at night? If you can’t brainstorm an answer, then you’re not going beyond the obvious.

Customer knowledge isn’t about demographics, job descriptions and guessing at “pain points.” At least, not for salespeople who close deals consistently.

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Knowing your customer means understanding their psychology. And that level of understanding requires more in-depth thinking and actionable research.

  • Interview your current clients and ask them what was happening in their lives before they decided to become a customer. What led them to say yes?
  • Start focusing on psychological states. What is your prospect’s current issue? What are her desired outcomes? What’s keeping her from finding the right solution?

B2B telemarketing tips that give surface-level advice won’t help you approach outbound calls any differently. If you want drastically improved results, you need to change your approach. And to change your approach, you need to change your thinking.

3. Stay away from “starry-eyed” goals with vague outcomes

It’s pretty simple: unclear goals produce mediocre results. Unless you’re lucky. (But are you going to bank your outbound campaign on luck alone?) Let’s hope not.

Give your campaigns clear, realistic outcomes. What “next step commitment” are you pitching for each prospect? Name the outcome, come up with a target number, and break down your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to hit that goal.

  • Target number of “next step” conversions
  • Target number of calls, contacts, follow-ups, etc.

Keep it focused, track your progress and watch yourself improve.

4. You don’t need to be Robert DeNiro, but please: know your lines!

Your script isn’t a useful tool—it’s your lifeline. It’s the one thing that keeps sales conversations focused and headed in the right direction. Use it generously.

Here’s one of those secret B2B telemarketing tips you should know: businesspeople don’t want to waste time with you. They’re busy! You’re busy! So keep your call short, purposeful, relevant and to-the-point.

How can you do that without mental brain farts? Create a tailored script for your prospective client. Study your lines so you run smoothly through the pitch and deliver it naturally without hiccups.

5. The first phone call is a baby step to your next sale

New telemarketing reps tend to “oversell” on the phone. It’s a common mistake caused by nervousness and lack of direction. Here’s the real point of a “first contact” sales call: start a dialogue and establish trust.

That’s it. There’s no “selling” involved. It’s starting a conversation with another business person so you can learn about their goals and how you can help them reach those goals.

Remember: baby steps. Don’t go for the big sale. Just look for the least path of resistance and a small commitment to continue a dialogue. Then you’ll be on your way to closing a deal.

6. Ask yourself: what would keep my prospect from saying, YES?

Making sales calls is like playing chess: you need to prepare for your opponent’s next five or six moves. In your case, it’s planning for common objections and having good answers.

Ask yourself: what’s keeping this customer from saying “yes!” right now? Write down all of the issues, problems, hesitations, doubts, and objections you can muster.

Take that list and pair up those issues with relevant context. Where do they fit into your prospect’s business or relationship to you?

Finally, brainstorm two or three answers for each problem. Practice those answers and try them out over the phone. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can handle objections with proper preparation.

7. Stop executing outbound campaigns like it’s 1995 (technology is your friend)

Are your call campaigns, calendars, call lists, notes and other tools scattered between different programs?

Do you find it nearly impossible to track your progress or run reports?

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