To sell more life insurance, you need more life insurance appointments. Here’s how the right dialer software can make that happen.

You’re the most stellar salesperson to come along in ages. Your win rates are dazzling. When objections come up, you’re so relaxed that your heart rate goes down. There’s only one thing missing: you can’t seem to set up life insurance appointments. 

If you could just get those appointments, your conversion rates would be astronomical. If you could schedule more meetings, you could provide life insurance to half of the country. But you keep connecting to voicemail. Two-thirds of your day is spent leaving messages. And you’ve accidentally made more than a few calls to people on the Do Not Call list. Oops. That didn’t go particularly well. 

You’ve got the skills, the talent, and a great product. So how do you get more life insurance appointments with people who will be your customers? Here’s where the right dialer software can help. 

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life insurance appointments

The right dialer software is the secret to more life insurance appointments

You may wonder what dialer software has to do with scheduling more life insurance appointments. That’s an understandable question. Sure, dialer software helps you dial faster, so you might be able to get some more calls under your belt during the day, but will it make that much difference? 

The truth is, dialer software is so much more than just a way to dial quickly. Of course, that’s one of its strengths. Especially in high-volume call centers, fast dialing is one of the primary benefits of dialer software. But you don’t have to make a zillion calls a day to get benefits from the right dialer software. Here are some of the ways it can help you with seemingly simple tasks like setting up more life insurance appointments. 

Voicemail drop. For insurance agencies of all sizes, voicemail drop might be one of the most significant benefits of dialer software. As soon as you determine that your call is going to voicemail, voicemail drop allows you to click and let the software leave your message for you. As a result, you don’t have to sit through someone’s outgoing message only to leave your message time after time. This benefit alone could save you hours throughout the week and let you move on to calls where you get to speak to someone. Plus, you can A/B test your messages to see what gets more returned calls. 

Emails. With the right dialer software, you can set up multiple email templates. That way, when you’re talking to someone or setting up life insurance appointments, you can send them an email from within the software. Whether they’re asking for more information or you want to send them a confirmation email for your meeting, just pull up the template, add the details, and hit send. This can save you a lot of time and help avoid some of the mistakes that come with writing emails after the call. 

Real-time DNC scrubbing. When you’re dialing customers and prospects manually, it’s easier than you might think to dial a number on the Do Not Call list. From pressing an incorrect digit to missing a number on the DNC list, manual dialing can lead to mistakes. It’s doubtful that anyone you call on the DNC list will want to talk to you, but that’s not the worst part. Violating these regulations can end in hefty fines. However, high-quality dialer software, like Call Logic, has built-in, real-time scrubbing of national and state DNC lists. The software runs the number in milliseconds before putting a call through to ensure the person you’re about to call isn’t on the DNC list. While this won’t directly help you make more appointments, it will help you avoid making fruitless calls. 

Reporting. Wondering what’s the best time of day to call? Or is script A or B working better? Or maybe you’d like to know how many of those voicemails result in callbacks? Reporting features can give you this information and so much more. If you’re going to make more life insurance appointments, you need to know what your numbers look like. That’s the only way you’ll know if there’s a better script to use, a better day or time to make calls, or if you need to improve your messages. You can also look at data like how many calls you make and how long or short those calls are. 

Call recordings. If there’s one thing that can help us improve our phone sales techniques and skills, it’s listening back to call recordings. There’s no better way to pick up on moments when your prospect lost interest, or you fumbled an opening. 

Appointments are the key to increasing your insurance business success, and the right dialer software can help. Why not make your life easier?

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