Learn how to improve call-handling skills and turn your team into a customer-centric powerhouse. 

One of the first things a new call center or sales rep learns is how to improve call-handling skills. For new hires with limited experience, there’s nowhere to go but up. For other hires who may have in-person experience with customers and clients, handling calls is a new challenge. 

Your training and onboarding strategy undoubtedly prepares them for the specifics of your organization. And there’s a time when they get regular training and feedback. Soon, they’re up to speed and taking and making calls on their own. 

At a certain point in many organizations, though, you cut back on thinking about how to improve call-handling skills. It’s not a matter of neglect – it’s just that your agents are doing fine, and, quite honestly, you don’t have much extra time to worry about something that’s not an issue. 

What if you could help your team improve, though? And not just by tiny margins, but by significant numbers? What if you could get better online reviews, happier customers, and increased revenue? 

Call Logic’s auto-dialer and call management software offers dozens of helpful tools that help you and your team improve call-handling skills. Call for your free consultation today to learn more!

how to improve call-handling skills

Wondering how to improve call-handling skills on your team? Check out the ways dialing technology can help.

Power dialers aren’t new technology. But if you’re thinking about how to improve call-handling skills and level up your team, it’s a necessary technology. It’s not just for new agents, either. Experienced sales and call center employees can benefit from a power dialer, too. 

Of course, you know a power dialer can help you make calls more quickly. With manual dialing, you spend time looking for the following number, dialing, and occasionally hitting the wrong numbers. By contrast, a power dialer has you onto the next call in a fraction of that time. 

Whether you’re in sales, recruiting, real estate, or any other line of work, call handling is ultimately about customer service. You’re working to reach people, create or nurture a connection, and help them solve problems or improve their lives. You offer them better business insurance, the home of their dreams, an exciting new job, or a business software solution, for example. 

If you can’t reach them, however, you can’t help them. So, in that sense, a power dialer can expand your reach. More calls mean more opportunities to help. So even though we’re looking at how to improve call-handling skills overall, let’s not ignore the ways faster dialing can also help your current and future customers. 

However, there’s so much more to a power dialer that can help boost call-handling skills. Let’s take a look at some of these. 

1. Call recordings. Call recordings might be one of the biggest benefits of a power dialer when it comes to improving call-handling skills. Why? Listening back to recordings is an excellent way to learn where you can improve, where you’re doing well, and how customers and prospects react to things. 

2. Software integration. Power dialing software like Call Logic integrates seamlessly with CRMs such as Blitz Sales Software, PCRecruiter, and RedTail CRM. That makes it easier for your agents to follow customers and prospects and keep up with DRIP campaigns, workflow automation, and so on. Even though these benefits aren’t specific to call handling, they do improve customer service. 

3. Use data to your advantage. It’s one thing to guess how well your calls are going. But the real data, such as conversion rates, call times, calls-per-day, and returned voicemails, are vital to any improvement. You need the data if you want to know how to improve call-handling skills. All this information is available through the reporting features of power dialing software like Call Logic. Once you know where your team stands, you can focus on improving areas of weakness. 

4. Use built-in calendars and reminders. Call handling isn’t just about the here and now. It’s also about returning calls, onboarding new customers, and following up with customers. It’s also easy to forget to do these things unless you have them in your calendar. High-quality power dialer software includes this necessity. 

5. Get back to the basics. Whether you use a power dialer or not, the basics of call handling and customer service are still applicable. It’s almost always worth reviewing these basics with your team. Go over your company’s mission, encourage active listening, explore ways to handle objections, and be mindful of telephone etiquette (for example, not eating or drinking on calls, keeping customers updated if there is a long silence, etc). 

There’s always room for improvement, and you and your team can make huge leaps in the right direction with the right power dialer software.

Make more calls in less time and improve your customer service with Call Logic. From real-time reports to automated voicemails to built-in compliance, we’ve got you covered in every aspect of your business. Call for your free consultation today to learn more!