Is your phone sales win rate in a slump? Find out how to get things back on track. 

It can feel a bit scary to find yourself in a sales slump. Your phone sales win rate is heading in the wrong direction, your confidence is shaky, and you start doubting the wisdom of ever getting into a career in sales. Of course, we know sales can be a lucrative and fulfilling career. We also know there are no guarantees. 

That’s expected, though. You can’t set the cruise control and imagine that’s all it takes. Hard work really does pay off in the sales industry. Even so, every salesperson occasionally slips into automatic mode. That can even keep you going for a while if you have a good system and network in place. 

Eventually, though, cracks appear. We find it more challenging to reach the numbers we want. We aren’t making as many calls, and we’re getting more rejections. We need to turn things around. And fast. 

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Move your phone sales win rate in the right direction

It can take time to analyze your system failures and reset your approach. The more methodical you are, the better your results will be in most cases. However, if you need to increase your sales win rate quickly, just to cover some ground, you have options. 

As unintuitive as it might be, one of the first things to do is take a break. We aren’t talking about a vacation here. You’re still going to be working, but you need to give yourself some space away from the panic and desperation of “needing” to make a sale. It doesn’t need to be a long break. Depending on your specific circumstances, you may only need a half day, or maybe a few days. 

During this sales break, you’re going to do some homework, and your first assignment is to take a breath. Go for a walk, go for a run, take a hike in the woods, go to your favorite museum, or clean your kitchen. Do something active to get your mind off of your work. You want to come back to this with a fresh perspective. 

Once you get some blood moving, sit (or stand) and listen to the recordings of your recent calls. This is easy with Call Logic, but if for some reason you don’t have recordings, try to remember the calls as best you can. As you listen, see if you can pinpoint where your sales win rate turns into a loss. 

  • Did the prospect lose interest? Where?
  • Are you talking too much?
  • Are you listening closely to the prospect and picking up clues about what they need? 

Next, read through your script. 

  • Does it accurately depict what you are selling? 
  • Are there awkward phrases that don’t flow very well? 
  • Are there words or phrases that could be misconstrued as condescending or rude? 

Listen to your voicemail.

  • When was the last time you listened to the messages you leave for prospects?
  • Is all the information there if they want to call you back? 
  • Is the message clear and understandable?

Now, look at your call list. 

  • Are you calling the right people? For example, if you’re selling business insurance packages, are you contacting actual business owners?
  • How many people have explicitly told you they aren’t interested? Are you still calling them?
  • Are you calling numbers on the Do Not Call list? Software like Call Logic automatically scrubs those numbers, but if you do it manually, you’ll want to ensure you take those numbers off the list. 

Paying close attention to the details is an excellent way to increase your phone sales win rate. Improve your approach and professionalism, and you’re sure to win more sales. 

But there’s still more to look at. How are you positioning your product or service? For instance, are you highlighting the features or benefits? Here’s an example highlighting features:

At Call Logic, we offer voicemail drop, so you can leave your prerecorded message with just a click. 

And here’s an example that highlights the benefits: Get more returned calls. With voicemail drop, you can leave the perfect message every time. 

The difference can be subtle, but it turns the service or product into something that can help your customer. Here’s another example with life insurance:

At ABC life insurance, we offer fast turnaround times on benefit payments. 


Rest easy knowing your loved ones are cared for with quick benefit payments. 

The result is quick payments in both cases, yet the second statement appeals to the idea of taking care of your family. 

Let’s get to work

Now that you have some homework to help you increase your phone sales win rate, let’s look at five things you can do that will use these strategy updates and get them into action. 

1. Set a daily goal. If you want to increase your sales win rate, you have to make calls. How many is that? 50? 100? 

2. Aim for rejections. Sounds odd, right? But if you aim to collect, say, 50 rejections in a day, it doesn’t hurt so much when you don’t make a sale. You can, in a way, turn that into a win. After all, we know rejections are going to happen. We might as well use those rejections to help us make calls. 

3. Focus on one prospect at a time. Be present. Practice active listening. Don’t start looking up your next prospect while you’re still on the phone with your current prospect. Don’t scroll through social media, look at your texts, or skim the news. If you want to boost your sales win rate, you absolutely have to fully pay attention to each and every person you talk to. 

4. Personalize the sales pitch. With LinkedIn, social media, and Google, there are easy ways to personalize your sales pitch, even if it’s in the tiniest way. It doesn’t take long to look people up. 

5. Upsell and cross-sell. Your current customers are often your best source of income, whether through buying additional products or referring friends and acquaintances. In the case of upselling and cross-selling, reach out to your current accounts and share the good news with them about a new product or an updated service. They already know the quality you provide, so it’s a lot easier to win a sale. 

These certainly aren’t the only ways to boost your phone sales win rate, but they will help you. And as a bonus, these strategies are also good for long-term sales increases. Defining and refining your sales process and putting extra attention on your sales approach can only help you in the long run. 

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