Forget the ups and downs of sales. Learn how to sell memberships and subscriptions and enjoy the benefits of steady income.

No matter how much you love sales, no matter how good you are at your job, there’s always something to be said for learning more efficient ways of doing things. And learning how to sell memberships and subscriptions is one of those incredibly efficient ways to bring in steady revenue. 

This is the perfect time to do it, too. People subscribe to Spotify, Netflix, and even compost pick-up services. We have memberships to fitness centers, coffee clubs, and vacation clubs. No one you talk to will be surprised by the idea of a membership or subscription. That’s definitely a factor in your favor. 

It’s not just that people are used to it, either. Membership sales can bring in plenty of benefits for your organization. As one example, according to the health and wellness website LiveStrong, the average gym membership runs for about 4.7 years. And Small Business Trends reports that 44% of consumers think subscriptions offer a better value than “other payment options for a similar product or service,” while 53% appreciate the convenience of a subscription in paying for things they regularly use.

The trick is how to sell memberships and subscriptions in a phone sales environment. Let’s take a look at some strategic approaches. 

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how to sell memberships

How to sell memberships and solidify your revenue

Learning how to sell memberships will bring in plenty of benefits for your organization, but that doesn’t do much for potential customers. You might be a nice person, but no one is going to sign up for a membership or subscription just to pad your paycheck. 

However, you already know that the key to selling any product or service is to sell the benefits. What are the benefits for a customer? Many are specific to a product or service, but there are also some universal benefits. 

For example, a membership encourages you to take advantage of whatever it is you’re paying for. When you pay monthly for a gym membership, you’re more inclined to go work out, which leads to feeling better, sleeping better, feeling more refreshed, and improving your health. In reality, that’s what you’re selling – not the membership, but the happier, healthier life.

Similarly, subscriptions to software services can help people with any number of things, from budgeting to monitoring their home energy usage to gardening. Again, though, the trick in how to sell memberships is pointing out the ways in which these services make life easier. They help you budget better so you can save money for that dream vacation. They help you grow delicious tomatoes and track your water usage, so you know exactly how much to water your garden. And selling homegrown tomatoes is a pretty easy sell!

The other piece of this puzzle is timing. Benefits are great, but people don’t want benefits at some undetermined time in the future. They want benefits as soon as they hang up with you. Make sure you include that as part of your sales pitch. 

What can they do with their membership or subscription as soon as they get off the phone? Can they head straight over to the gym for a personal training session or a swim? Will they get location-specific gardening tips the second they log into your software? How about a complete package of financial advice designed for their age group and income bracket? 

Sure, it’s nice to have a membership to a financial advising club, and that appointment coming next week is something to look forward to. But if you’re determining how to sell membership and longer-term subscriptions, you need something your customers and clients can have Right Now! That gives your product or service more urgency and greater reward. 

Don’t forget the basics

Whether you’re determining how to sell memberships, subscriptions, or anything else over the phone, don’t forget the basics of phone sales. Here’s a quick rundown of five of the most important elements for success. 

  1. Breathe. Before you pick up the phone, take a few deep, slow breaths to help you focus and go into the call with more confidence. 
  2. Use a script. There’s no shame in using a script. A script keeps you on track and ensures you provide the information you need to. 
  3. Listen to your prospect. A script is a vital element of success, but don’t let that distract you from listening closely to your prospect and answering their questions and concerns. 
  4. Don’t sell. Solve problems. Remember, no one wants to be sold to. People do, however, want solutions to their problems or products and services that will enhance their lives.
  5. Ask for the sale. The “sale” might be a meeting, permission to send them more information, or the actual sale. Whatever it is, don’t be afraid to ask for that next step. 

Selling memberships and subscriptions is beneficial to both you and your customer. And if you can successfully share those benefits, you’re looking at smooth sailing and steady revenue.

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