Find out how a power dialer can help streamline your labor cost management and get things under control.

Labor costs are one of the most significant expenses in any business. Of course, unless you’re a sole proprietor, you need people to help you run your business. And you need to pay them. The hard part of all of that comes when you sit down to attend to your labor cost management tasks. 

Labor cost management is like working on a puzzle. Especially in phone sales or in a call center, you want to have enough people working to maintain your customer service and get in touch with leads and customers. You also don’t want to end up with people wasting time or working inefficiently. 

While your schedule is a good place to look to ensure your labor costs are reasonable, you can also look at the equipment you use. The right tools make any job easier and more efficient. And in phone sales and call centers, the right tool is a power dialer. 

How can a power dialer help with labor cost management? Let’s take a look!

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labor cost management

Make your labor cost management easy with a… power dialer?

You’re probably wondering how a power dialer can help with your labor cost management. Seems a bit far-fetched, perhaps. But one of the hallmarks of keeping your labor costs within a budget is efficient labor. 

A power dialer can help your team make more calls, of course. Speed is certainly a factor in the equation, but there’s so much more. Remember, we’re looking at overall efficiency; anything that slows your team down or makes them take extra steps will cut into that efficiency. 

That’s where a power dialer comes in. 

1. Do Not Call List. There are several problems with calling numbers on the DNC list. First, when you call these numbers, you violate FCC and FTC regulations. Make that mistake too often, and you could face fines and penalties well into the tens of thousands of dollars. 

Take that a step further, however, and you realize that calling numbers on the DNC list is a waste of time. People have their numbers on this list because they don’t want you to call them. The chances of getting a sale here are arguably less than zero. Obviously, this is an entirely inefficient approach to phone sales. 

However, a power dialer like Call Logic has built-in scrubbing. So, even if you accidentally dial a number on your DNC list, the software won’t put the call through. That alone might not seem like a big time saver, but if you think about how much time your team spends on the line with these calls, it adds up. Just by eliminating numbers on the DNC list, your labor cost management becomes easier and more straightforward. 

2. Call notes. While you make plenty of cold calls, your team also calls warm leads and customers. There’s no way to remember the details of every conversation, but with call notes handy, you can review your history with someone before getting on the phone with them. 

This improves customer service, of course, since you and your prospect or customer don’t need to review information on every call. When you have the notes from previous calls, your customers and prospects feel like you are paying attention and prioritizing their experience, which you are. 

However, call notes also make your calls more efficient. Because you don’t have to review previous calls and gather information, you save significant amounts of time. 

3. Email templates. We don’t always retain everything we hear. That’s why emails are so popular with customers and prospects. When you can follow up a phone conversation with an email, they have a second chance to appreciate your offer. Emails are an essential part of the sales process.

Emails also take time to write. And writing them can interrupt your call flow. As important as they are, emails can wreak havoc on your labor cost management when you try to figure in how many emails your team will need to write, or how long they’ll take.

Email templates solve this problem. With several pre-written emails to choose from, your team can simply fill in the specifics and send an email within moments of hanging up on a sales call. Plus, with templates, you can A/B test them and make your sales and follow-up emails more effective over time. 

Labor costs are a given, but they don’t have to be a headache. Take steps to streamline your team’s work, and you’ll find your work is easier, too!

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