Find out how you can turn your prerecorded voicemail greetings into a powerful sales tool.

As a salesperson, you make dozens, if not hundreds of phone calls while you work. And you leave dozens, if not hundreds of voicemail greetings for prospects and your current customers. That’s a lot of work. But you can make that work easier and more effective with prerecorded voicemail greetings. 

It’s natural for us to get tired or distracted at work. Especially when we do something over and over, like leave voicemails, it’s easy to tune out and not give it our best. One simple way to avoid that situation is to take advantage of prerecorded voicemail greetings. 

You have your basic phone introduction or sales pitch. You’re ready to talk to a person, but you also know that most of your calls will go to voicemail, so you’re ready for that, too. You have your message memorized and all the details are in place. You’re off to an excellent start.

That’s precisely the problem, though. Your messages might be excellent when you start your day. But by the time mid-afternoon rolls around, your voice is tired, you don’t have the same enthusiasm, and there are times when you aren’t sure if you left the entire message that you meant to. 

Record your greetings and messages ahead of time, and you can flow through the day. Every message is perfect. You never need to worry if you remembered to leave your phone number or if you told the person why you were calling. Here’s how to make the best of your voicemail greetings. 

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prerecorded voicemail greetings

5 Tips to turn your prerecorded voicemail greetings into an award-winning sales tool

1. Perfect the hook. Your hook might be the most important part of your prerecorded voicemail greetings. This is what grabs attention and gets your prospects to call you back. Think about the opening scenes of your favorite television shows or movie and book previews. They drop you into the action, then leave you wondering what happens. 

Details are one of the keys to those hooks. And while you aren’t telling a complete story with your voicemail, you can still use some of those techniques. How? Look at the differences between some of these statements:

  • I can help you save money on your car insurance.
  • My clients save an average of $320 per year on car insurance.
  • I’m recruiting for a position with excellent pay and benefits. 
  • This position pays between $70-75,000 and offers 6 weeks of vacation time.

2. Make it time-sensitive. Another way to get your prospects to return your call is to share the hook, then make the offer time-sensitive if you can. Of course, you don’t want to make up a timeline if there isn’t one. However, feel free to share time limits if they are applicable. Adding a timeline to one of our messages above might look like this:

  • This position pays between $70-75,000 and offers 6 weeks of vacation time. We want to hire within the next three weeks, so if you could call me back as soon as you get this, I can share more details with you. 

3. Be concise. Along with sharing a hook and adding a timeframe to your message, you also need to be concise. People might listen to a longer message, but there’s a greater chance they’ll listen to a message if it’s short. This might take some editing to whittle your script down, but it’s worth the effort.

4. Listen to your message. Don’t just record your message and use it without listening back to it. Yes, listening to your own voice can be uncomfortable. Still, that’s better than leaving voicemails for people that they can’t understand. When you listen to your recording, listen for the clarity of your message. Make sure you aren’t mumbling or talking too quickly. Ensure your voice is loud enough, and that you sound confident and relaxed. When people listen back to your message, they’ll pick up on things like this. 

5. Record several messages. Not every message you leave will be for the same purpose. Therefore, it’s helpful to have several prerecorded voicemail greetings. You might find it’s easiest to record them all in one sitting, and take advantage of the energy. A few tips for better recordings include:

  • Find a quiet space
  • Sit up straight (or stand)
  • Practice your script a few times before you record

Leaving a voicemail message doesn’t doom you to never hearing back from your prospect. On the contrary, a good message can be just the thing to excite and intrigue your audience.

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