Millennials aren’t easy to sell to—so get ahead of the curve with these unique insurance sales tips

Millennials have two modes for setting priorities: right now, and not right now. The last thing (well, close to last) is securing good insurance options. That sounds a little crazy, but it’s true. They’re focused on starting a company, getting a promotion, or paying a visit to the new Asian fusion restaurant downtown.

As an insurance salesperson, you have to cut through a lot of clutter. You have to grab attention with twenty-somethings who are all over the place. Our insurance sales tips for you are straightforward (and yes, social media is a big part of it!)

insurance sales tips

Selling to Millennials: insurance sales tips to get your foot in the door

1. Find out who’s had success with Millennials and follow their lead

Mentorship will help you navigate the insurance field quicker than any other route. Find a mentor – someone who understands insurance prospecting and how to sell to Millennials.

Find an insurance agent that knows how to close deals with this specific audience. You’ll receive the best insurance sales tips from someone who successfully navigates two main areas:

  • She knows how to “get found” online. That means SEO, social media, website management, and online advertising. She knows the first step: POSITIONING.
  • She knows how to communicate technical insurance jargon in simple, understandable ways. Millennials don’t like receiving a giant stack of policy papers with no roadmap. Learn how to talk with them on an everyday level.

2. Learn how to target groups with Facebook Ads

It’s time to UP your Facebook savviness. Let’s first assume you have a dedicated Facebook page (if not, start one right now).

Start an ad campaign that targets groups in your area. Include a free educational offer that younger consumers will find interest in. For instance:

  • A blog post about acquiring renter’s insurance (with your expert-level advice)
  • A short video promotion for a limited-time deal at your agency
  • A survey or special report on why Millennials need a specific type of insurance policy

3. Overcome your competition by collaborating with prospects

Did you know that only twenty-four percent of Millennials use local insurance agencies? According to a study done by Effective Coverage, you’re battling for business more than ever with large enterprises.

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But you have an edge that those big companies don’t: super-personalized customer service and experience.

Millenials like to collaborate with brands and business owners. Forget about selling and start helping. That’s one of the best insurance sales tips we can give you, period.

4. Engage on social media in a no-pressure, authentic way

Millennials want social media engagement with an authentic touch. They don’t respond well to straight advertising, sponsorship or “sales-y conversations” online.

If you simply engage and offer sound advice, you’ll gain trust. Social media is for being “social.” Don’t let the business-minded gears and levers show underneath the curtain.

5. Offer renter’s insurance to meet their needs right now

A recent study suggests that people under the age of 35 will rent longer before owning a home. So what does that mean for the independent insurance agent?

Start offering products that match the needs of Millennials. Successfully selling renter’s insurance, establish a good relationship, and they’ll likely come back to you for other needs.

That’s one of our insurance sales tips to remember: generate repeat business wherever you can.

6. Gather outstanding online reviews and testimonials

Millennials aren’t like their parents. They don’t put as much weight on “recommendations” from friends or family members. In their eyes, it’s all about social proof—how good are your reviews?

Build your reviews on Google, J.D. Power, Angie’s List and Glassdoor. Stick convincing testimonials on your website and marketing material.

Prove that you’re valuable to your customers.

7. Personalize your story to make a genuine connection

Many experts give out insurance sales tips that tell you to market yourself as more “professional.” Big mistake. Your sales techniques need to go deeper than that.

Millenials like “personal” more than professional.

Brands, companies, and businesspeople work harder than ever to make a human connection with Millennials. As Simon Sinek says in his book Start With Why, “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.”

Why do you sell insurance? How did you get involved? What makes your story unique and relatable?

Millennials want to know why because they want to trust you. Establish why you believe insurance is essential and circle back to how your services benefit your customers.

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