The quickest way to increase call volume is to use dialer software, but there’s more to it than just fast dialing.

You’re as busy as you’ve ever been as a recruiter. Companies are hiring, and they’re counting on you to find the right people. You’re working hard, but you need a way to increase call volume while maintaining integrity. Enter dialer software. 

High-quality dialer software is more than just a tool to help you dial numbers more quickly. Quantity is important, but so is quality. To get the best of both, you need a tool that covers a lot of ground. 

So, how can dialer software help?

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increase call volume

5 Ways to increase call volume and quality with the right dialer software

The most obvious way to increase call volume is to take advantage of the primary goal of a power dialer, and let the software dial each number for you. But what does that look like in reality? Most of Call Logic’s customers are making triple the number of calls they did before switching to power dialing software. In addition to the faster dialing, here are a few ways that happens. 

1. No bad numbers. Because the system scrubs disconnected numbers and numbers on the Do Not Call list, you don’t have to waste time sorting through each call to reach people. In this way, you increase call volume simply by avoiding numbers that won’t help you. It’s worth noting, too, that in addition to helping you make more calls, scrubbing also helps you adhere to FCC and FTC compliance regulations

2. Save time leaving messages. You can spend a lot of time waiting for a call to go to voicemail, listening to the outgoing message, then leaving your own message. That’s all time you could be making more calls. With voicemail drop, the software will leave a prerecorded message for missed connections while you move on to the next call. As a bonus, since you record the voicemail, everyone will get the same upbeat message no matter where you are in your day. 

3. User-friendly software. How much time is spent working around the glitches and quirks of less-than-ideal dialing software? As a recruiter, you want to make calls, not tiptoe around, thinking your system will freeze or shut down if you don’t do things exactly right. And as a supervisor, you don’t want to spend your time handling training or tech issues with your software. User-friendly software is a must if you want to increase call volume. Simplicity is your friend. 

4. Call notes. There are also indirect ways to increase call volume, one of which is using call notes. For each recruiting prospect you call, your dialer software gives you a pop-out screen with previous call information. So whether you’re talking to someone for the second time or the tenth time, you can pick up right where you left off. Because you don’t need to review or repeat information from previous calls, each call can be more in-depth and faster. And while that can lead to more time to make calls, it also leads to higher conversions. After all, your recruiting prospects expect you to be organized. Otherwise, they’ll move along to someone else. 

5. Preview dialing. High-quality power dialers are about speed, but they shouldn’t be a one-trick pony. Preview dialing lets your team click to call. It’s still faster than manual dialing, and you still get the benefits of real-time scrubbing. However, people aren’t robots, and sometimes we need a breather between calls. You may need to write call notes, send a follow-up email, talk to a colleague about something that came up during a call, or simply take a break to stretch and move around. And while that won’t necessarily help your team make more calls, it will help them make better calls. 

There are numerous ways that you can increase call volume with dialer software. It can help you cut back on down time, improve your numbers, and reach more people. Remember, though, as you look at reports and metrics that there is more to a good recruiting call than just how fast your team can reach people. 

The quality of those calls is integral to good conversion rates and your overall success. Match quantity and quality and you have a winning combination for your recruiting team. 

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