Finding the right auto-dialer software could make a huge difference in your outbound sales and telemarketing

Gone are the days of outbound campaigns organized by Rolodexes and flashcards. Even actual “phones” are out-dated in today’s ever-expanding telemarketing industry. Technology has made it possible for sales professionals to execute a cold calling and outbound strategy with surprising results.

What’s the secret? It’s the emergence of auto-dialer software. Now your call campaigns are streamlined, organized, planned, and monitored in one place. But with all the different options available, how can you choose the right one that fits your business goals?

auto dialer software

What types of businesses are best suited for auto-dialer software?

At first glance, you may think that auto-dialers are for giant telemarketing firms and call centers. Not true.

The great thing about auto-dialer software is its versatility; you can use it in any outbound calling situation.

So, the question you have to ask yourself is: do I make sales calls on a semi-regular basis? Or, could my business improve by closing more deals over the phone?

If the answer is yes, then you’re in the market for auto-dialer software. Now the only question is how to find the right one for you.

auto dialer software

5 must-have features when choosing an auto-dialer software

You might not have a team of telemarketers to manage, but regardless of your business, there are a few features top-level auto-dialers include (which everyone needs).

1. Pre-recorded messaging

It’s likely that many of your sales calls will end with a voice message. But manually leaving a voicemail, even if you’re following a script, wastes a lot of time otherwise spent calling more prospects.

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The pre-record feature allows end-users (you or your salesperson) to prepare voicemails ahead of time and leave them automatically. So you don’t even have to think about maintaining a cheerful tone or speaking clearly in the moment.

2. TCPA compliance

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) is a wide-reaching, continually growing regulation set by the United States Federal Government. Breaking these rules could mean hefty fines (we’re talking tens of thousands of dollar for one single violation!).

It’s essential to choose auto-dialer software that builds TCPA into its design. That means keeping track of calls, automatically updating Do Not Call lists, and organizing information for reports.

3. Whisper coaching

Training new salespeople can be a hassle for managers. How can you watch over them when you have so many other things to do?

Whisper coaching gives unique insights and on-the-spot monitoring of conversations. Not only can you listen to the discussion, but you can TALK to your salesperson without anyone else hearing. Live coaching without the prospect’s knowledge is a powerful tool.

4. Options for pacing calls

Call Logic offers two powerful options to end-users: power dialing and click-to-call.

The first streamlines the dialing process for a hands-off experience. Once your current call ends, the auto-dialer software calls the next number on your list automatically. No waiting or manual work necessary.

The second allows you to choose your next call within the software program. Click on the next name on your call list, and dial out quickly.

5. Detailed reporting for call campaigns

Data is a manager’s secret weapon when it comes to outbound call campaigns. You can track your salespeople’s success, set milestones, create actionable goals, and view reports all within the auto-dialer software.

  • Number of campaigns running
  • Total time on the system
  • Number of calls made
  • Number of calls connected
  • Number of calls scrubbed out due to Do Not Call lists
  • Total talk time with a prospect
  • Average talk time with a prospect
  • Why it ended (notes on status)
  • Pre-recorded voicemails used for calls
  • Designated ring time

Having all of this information (and more) at your fingertips allows for more sales and properly revised strategies. Plus, you can keep your salespeople accountable without micromanaging.

If you’re serious about phone sales and want to triple the number of sales calls you make in an hour, give Call Logic a try. Sign up for our free trial now!