What’s the fastest route to more timeshare sales? Closing techniques that keep prospects engaged, interested and willing to purchase.

Closing is a highly debated topic among sales professionals. You can say everything right, put together the most compelling pitch, but in the end, you have to close the deal. And there’s no one way to do it. Some people swear by the “hard close,” while others stay away from it entirely. So what’s the answer?

When it comes to timeshare sales, closing techniques come in handy. They could tip the scale in your favor, or, at the very least, prepare you for unexpected, last-minute objections.

timeshare sales closing techniques

5 Unbeatable timeshare sales closing techniques that will make your sales skyrocket

1. Check-off the “agreements” you both made during the sales pitch

For timeshare sales, closing techniques don’t need to be hard sells. If you’re the type of salesperson that doesn’t like to “push,” even a little bit, then reinforcement should be your go-to strategy. You go back through your timeshare pitch and wrap up how you’ve met or exceeded their needs.

However, this technique requires a nearly flawless opening and thorough pitch. (But shouldn’t we aim for that, anyway?) You revert to the “agreements” you both made along the way. That is, you overview how you’ve met their objections and provided solutions. And, in the process, reinforce the value of your timeshare product.

If you get head nods the whole way, then you know it’s time to ask for the sale.

2. Dip your toe in the water and take the temperature

How do you know when your prospect is mentally ready to buy? You take his temperature. You check to see if there are any lingering objections or issues not resolved.

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One way to “dip your toe” is to use the 1 – 10 scale. You ask where he currently falls on the spectrum. Depending on his answer, you move forward or circle back to address those concerns.

“So Mr. Jones, how do you feel about investing in a timeshare on a scale of one to ten? Ten being ‘I’m ready to make a decision.'”

Why this works: you’ll rarely get an answer of ten, but you will get an immediate understanding of what it’ll take to get there.

3. Create a sense of scarcity: if they don’t move forward now, they’ll miss out

Scarcity is a powerful motivator. Tell your prospect time is running out or only a few orders are left in stock—what happens? She feels like she might miss out on a deal.

Even with timeshare sales, closing techniques that create a sense of urgency make a difference. Urgency plays into the psychology of your buyer. She has to make a gut decision (and gut decisions are based on emotions, not rational thinking).

Plant the idea that—right now—there are special prices on these timeshares that will never be available again. You want the prospect to feel rewarded for purchasing and confident in securing a rare deal.

4. Perfect for timeshare sales: closing techniques that reverse risk

Risk reversal is the process taking the “perceived risk” from the prospect and placing it on yourself. It’s the principle behind “satisfaction guarantees” in sales and marketing. If you don’t feel satisfied, you can return it. We take on the risk, not you.

Reversing risk also serves another purpose under the surface: stripping away reasons to say “No.” By systemically making your offer “risk-free,” you also make it harder for a prospect to rationalize his decisions.

5. Show them how expensive it is NOT to buy from you

If your prospect is in a rational mindset, sometimes it works to demonstrate value by drawing comparisons. You show the long-term savings of using a timeshare versus how much they will spend on vacations without one.

By investing in a timeshare, you pay for tomorrow’s spring getaway at yesterday’s prices. Show them a graph demonstrating the long-term value. Then show them a graph showing the average amount they’ll spend without one. You can also add in how they can get rid of the headache of planning, finding affordable hotels at the right time, and checking availabilities.

By using these five timeshare sales closing techniques, you can turn rejections into “maybes” and turn maybes into sales. Try them out, make them yours, and start opening doors.

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