New calling software is an exciting update to your business… as long as you don’t fall into this trap.

It’s an easy mistake to make. You get drawn into the idea of new calling software for your organization, and overlook some of the logistics. It happens to everyone, whether it’s new software, a new sofa, or a new car. We feel the comfortable cushions and soft fabric of the sofa, without measuring to make sure it fits in our home. The new car is a dream until we realize how expensive it is to fill the gas tank. 

This is human nature. We get excited by a good sales pitch or the idea of something new. Then we ignore our logical brain and decide not to worry if the new thing is the same thing as the right thing. 

Hopefully, we’ve caught you in time, so you can consider how new calling software fits into your organization.

Call Logic’s auto-dialer and call management software offers dozens of helpful tools that seamlessly integrate into your organization, so your team can perform their best. Call for your free consultation today to learn more!

New calling software

Update your organization with the right new calling software

The key to implementing new calling software is finding the right software for your organization. Once you have that part figured out, there are still a few steps to getting everything up and running. Stick with us, though. The process isn’t as overwhelming as it may seem. 

So, how do you find the right software for your organization? The best way to begin is to ask yourself some questions to narrow down your options. 

  1. How many people need to use the software? For example, some calling and dialing software is only suitable for large call centers. If you only need software for a handful of people, you need something to accommodate your team. 
  2. How streamlined do you need pricing to be? Software like Call Logic bases pricing on seats rather than features. So whether you’re on the lowest or highest-priced plan, you get voicemail drop, click-to-call, whisper coaching, real-time scrubbing, and everything else we offer. By contrast, some software solutions charge based on which features you include. 
  3. Do you want a contract? Or do you want the freedom to leave if things aren’t working? This can be a more significant issue than many people realize. A contract can lock you into a deal, whether you like it or not. Some calling software solutions (like Call Logic!) won’t ask you for a commitment. We’re confident our software will fit seamlessly into your operation and improve your results. But if it doesn’t, you’re able to move on. 
  4. Will it work with your CRM or lead provider? Smooth integrations definitely make your life easier. As another example, Call Logic integrates with partners such as Salesforce, QuoteWizard, PCRecruiter, and more. 
  5. Does the software do what you need it to? This might seem like a basic question, but it’s important to look beyond the shine and glitter of new calling software and ensure that the product does what you need it to.
  6. How is the customer service? The fact is, no matter what you eventually choose for calling software, you will have questions. Is there someone you can talk to? Online tutorials? Expert onboarding? Ask about these things when you explore your options.

Ready? Let’s get that software working

Once you determine which new calling software is right for you (and, of course, we hope that’s Call Logic), it’s time to get set up. How do you implement new software? It’s always a little scary to venture into the unknown. That’s why we encourage a lot of patience and breathing. Seriously. Take things as slowly as you need.

To begin, get your team acquainted with the idea that you’re looking at new calling software. That way, it’s not a surprise when they show up to work one day and everything is different. Give people time to get used to the idea that some changes are on the way.

If you want to engage your team, ask them what they need. What features and benefits would help them do their job more efficiently. This may be an easier task in a small sales office than in a large call center. Even so, the more involved your team is, the more likely they are to actively work to help implement a new solution.

It’s also important to take time to train your team. We focus so much on efficiency and productivity that we forget how beneficial it is at times to slow down. However, when we take the time to get comfortable with a new tool or process, the results can be well worth the effort and the “down time” we use to adopt a change.

Lastly, check in with your team. Once they’ve had some time to explore the features and benefits of your new dialing system, find out what questions or concerns they have. Don’t put a time limit on the onboarding process. Slow and steady wins the race!

Enjoy new dialing software without the stress. From real-time reports to automated voicemails to built-in compliance, we’ve got you covered in every aspect of your business. Call for your free consultation today to learn more!