These life insurance sales techniques are just the thing to sway any of your clients who may be sitting on the fence

There are some clients we all love. They contact you, tell you they want a life insurance policy, ask for your advice, and sign on the dotted line. They get an excellent policy, you get a nice sale, and everybody is happy. To top it off, they even send you a few referrals every couple of months.

There’s another type of client that a lot of salespeople ignore, but savvy insurance salespeople know how great they are. These clients aren’t really sure what they want in a policy, and they might not even realize they need one. Their friends and coworkers tell them they should have one, so they’re interested in what you have to offer, as long as it doesn’t cost too much. Or as long as it isn’t too complicated to fill out the paperwork, or choose a policy, or so many other things. Insurance salespeople don’t go after these clients, thinking they’re just going to be a lot of work and they probably won’t buy a policy anyway. What those salespeople lack to make the case and close a deal are the right life insurance sales techniques.

Can a handful of sales techniques really make that much difference? According to sales researcher Marc Wayshak, only 7% of the top salespeople pitch their product or service. Nearly 82% of the most successful salespeople spend four or more hours each day on “sales-related activities,” such as prospecting or following up with people.

That same study found that 47% of the top salespeople asked for referrals, as compared to only 26% of “non-top performers.” So what does that all mean? Well, the short version would be to play it cool and work hard. But it also means that the right life insurance sales techniques are just what you need to win over all those indecisive prospects.

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life insurance sales techniques

5 Life insurance sales techniques that will win over your next undecided client

1. Tell a story

As engaging as you may be, it’s the rare person who is drawn into and remembers things like the details of various life insurance policy options. Most people, however, will remember a good story. Tell a story about a family that had a primary breadwinner pass away and the difficulties they had. Or share an experience from a client who was able to move on and live comfortably, thanks to a good life insurance policy.

2. Solve a problem

“Sure,” you’re thinking. “This is sales 101.” That may be true if you are selling life insurance as part of a benefits package for a business. But for individual policies, many of your prospects may only have a vague idea that they even have a problem to solve. They may have made it about as far as realizing that they should probably think about maybe looking into life insurance. Sales techniques that can tap into that, highlight it, and bring awareness to how big of a “problem” it is are your path to changing hearts and minds.

Point out how life insurance isn’t about them; it’s really for those they leave behind. Can their families still pay the mortgage without their income? Will the kids have money to go to college? Offer specific numbers and show them precisely how a life insurance policy will help. Just try not to sound too scary when you have this chat.

3. Don’t pitch your product

This might sound like heresy, but look back at those statistics above, and you’ll see why pitching your product can backfire. A mere 7 out of 100 of the top salespeople pitch their product. No one wants to be sold to. It doesn’t feel genuine. In fact, it makes you look like you’re just out for a commission. And while you certainly need to make a living, you’ll find a lot more long-term success in partnering with your prospects to help them get the right policy at the best price.

There are plenty of variations on life insurance policies. Therefore, there is lots of room to create a custom solution for each person you interact with. Your prospect wants to have coverage until the kids grow up and have jobs? Show them how term life will take care of expenses should anything happen. Share the benefits. Be an advisor.

4. Let your prospect make the sale

Rather than telling your prospect they should buy insurance, let them figure out that a policy is the best way to help them take care of their family and responsibilities. In this role, you’re acting more as a facilitator or guide.

5. Ask for referrals

Happy clients are one of your best sources of new business. Anytime you close a deal, ask if your new client knows anyone who has similar circumstances and would benefit from a similar solution. Then when you get that indecisive client on the line, they are already primed to work with you.

Bonus Tip: Follow up

Always follow up with your prospects, especially when you close the deal. Make sure to answer any additional questions they may have. Let them know they can reach you at any time. And don’t forget to ask for referrals.

If you didn’t close the deal, but your prospect is receptive to talking further about insurance, think about ways to stay in touch. Ask if you can add them to your email newsletter list, and invite them to follow you on your social media platforms.

Remember, too, that some of the best life insurance sales techniques take a long view. Step back from viewing every prospect as won or lost, depending on whether or not they buy a policy right away. You’re building the basis for a relationship that will make you seem like the only option when they do decide it’s time for a life insurance policy.

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