As an insurance salesperson, you know you need to connect with new potential customers in a warm, connective, and authentic way. Your customers need to be able to trust you and to feel like you’re looking out for their best interests.

While the increasing number of TCPA litigations have become somewhat reflective of the general public’s resistant attitude towards the insurance industry’s telemarketing efforts, statistics consistently show that predictive, power and preview dialing software still keep these efforts as an effective means of growing your businesses and increasing your sales.

These conflicting realities create a conundrum: What’s the best way to engage with your audience, and still maintain a positive, trustworthy reputation?


Why Do They Hate Telemarketing Calls?

One of the most frustrating aspects of telemarketing campaigns from insurance salespeople – from the perspective of the potential customer – is the lackluster, impersonal way that these sales cold calls are often made. Tired, disengaged agents seem utterly unaware of who is answering the call; they mispronounce the customer’s name; they don’t know where the customer is from; or they are offering insurance coverage or options that may not be at all applicable!

The customer realizes right away that they are merely a number on a list, and that the agent is simply working their way through their daily quota. It’s exasperating to the customer, and reflects very poorly on the insurance industry or agent being represented.


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Preview Dialing Lets You Get to Know Your Prospects

To make your sales calls feel more organic and intentional, you really need the ability to quickly research each contact’s information and become more familiar with their unique insurance needs and/or your calling history with them.

Preview dialing is the best way to move your agency closer to your audience and to help build their trust in you through individualized attention and well-prepared agents. Call Logic’s customizable, state-of-the-art software offers you an opportunity to develop a familiarity with the customer and his/her needs before the call is ever placed!

With Call Logic’s preview dialing system, your agents can upload a specific TCPA compliant list of customers or clients into the cloud-based system. The informative and customizable dashboard provides valuable insights into each (preferably warm!) lead’s call history, previous purchases, existing coverage, age and location demographics, and more!

Agents can review the information and decide which call to place next, as the software moves through the list. This approach allows agents to enter calls feeling more prepared and better informed, and prevents the blind answering that is common with predictive or power dialers.

An appropriate script is displayed on the dashboard for your representatives to follow, and when the customer answers their phone, there is no delay between before the connection. This provides a more personal feel to the call!

During and after the call, your agents can edit the customer’s preview information to ensure the most accurate and pertinent information is captured for future connections, and also make note of the lead’s disposition or status. If necessary, trainers or managers can surreptitiously join in on the calls and provide “whisper coaching” to representatives in order to help ensure a more quality engagement.


Help Your Leads Feel the Love

Call Logic’s preview dialing is an all-in-one solution that eliminates the need to dial numbers by hand (saving time!), gives you the ability to search for specific contacts (conserving effort!), categorizes leads into useful sections (preventing errors!), and keeps all team members aware of each customer’s various questions and dispositions (keeping connected!) in real-time.

If you want to reduce your abandonment rate, increase the number of new leads reached, and maintain the hot leads who have already been guided down your insurance sales funnel via a predictive or power dialer campaign, you need to utilize the features of Call Logic’s preview dialing.

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