The right auto dialer system can make your phone sales game a winner. Here’s what to look for.

Outbound sales is a different game today. Since TCPA and other regulations have been enacted, sales professionals are looking for an edge that will tip performance back into their hands.

At Call Logic, we know a few things about choosing an auto dialer system. You might be surprised by the breadth of features available in our product. We’ve strategically integrated features that outbound professionals want, need and enthusiastically use.

You might say we turn businesses around. That’s the power a cloud-based auto dialer system gives you. When it comes right down to brass tacks, what are the top five features that will help you close more deals? Read on, friend.

auto dialer system

5 Features your auto dialer system needs if you want to stay competitive

1. Cloud-based speed dialing that runs from your computer

Although speaking over the phone to a prospect hasn’t changed, the process that surrounds that interaction is a new field entirely.

What makes Call Logic’s auto dialer system stick out? It’s that little phrase you’ve heard a lot in recent years: cloud-based technology.

Your entire outbound strategy integrates seamlessly with your computer and smartphone. So what does that mean for you?

  • Speed dialing at the click of a button, without having to punch in numbers or wait for a connection
  • Lightweight software that backs up all of your information into “the cloud” and doesn’t slow down your devices
  • Everything is in one place (leads, prospects, referrals, phone scripts, outbound campaign milestones)

If you’re serious about phone sales and want to triple the number of sales calls you make in an hour, give Call Logic a try. Sign up for our free trial now!

2. Managing outbound campaigns with integrated CRM software

Call Logic isn’t just an auto dialer system, though. It’s an entire CRM built to plan, manage, and execute outbound call campaigns.

Everything you need for a successful campaign is built into the software. So administrators can manage and monitor in one place, and salespeople have all of their tools right there, too.

Here’s a snapshot of what it looks like.


  • Import and organize contacts
  • Set-up call campaigns & dialing speed
  • Assign call campaigns to salespeople
  • Customize caller ID
  • Customize emails, scripts & dispositions
  • Record custom voicemails


  • Power dialing pace (automatically dials from list)
  • Click-to-call dialing pace (click and call in seconds)
  • Preview contact info before dialing (so salespeople know their prospects)
  • One-click pre-recorded voicemails (no one picks up, click a button and leave a recorded voicemail)
  • Live transfer/ three-way calling
  • Record history notes/ send emails in the CRM


  • Whisper coaching (on-the-spot coaching prospects can’t hear)
  • Usage reports
  • Summary reports
  • Review call recordings
  • Monitor management dashboard

3. Pre-recorded voicemail messages when no one picks up

How much time do you waste calling prospects and leaving voicemails? Even with a solid script, the time per voicemail racks up throughout the day, week and year. That’s less time dedicated to connecting with more prospects and creating sales opportunities.

But, with an auto dialer system like Call Logic, you don’t have to waste your time. Instead, you record your voice messages ahead of time and leave them in your prospect’s voicemail box at the click of a button.

Then you go straight to another call! No time wasted.

4. On-the-spot coaching your prospects can’t hear

Whisper coaching is a feature that can help tremendously with training new salespeople or monitoring performance.

The manager listens in on the call (and can speak directly to the agent) without the prospect hearing a word. How’s that for an edge in outbound sales?

Picture this:

A sales agent begins his outbound campaign selling a new product line or offer from the company. His manager listens in on the call to gauge prospects’ interest and then coaches the sales agent through the “discovery process.” His manager tells him, on the phone, during the conversation, to ask a specific question. Just like that, a tag-team effort communicates and sells effectively.

5. Send an email follow-up without leaving the dashboard

Once you connect with a prospect and make the next step in the sale, sending a follow-up email is nearly automatic. Just click on the prospect’s info sheet and write an email right there on-the-spot. Email templates make it easy to fill in the individual information, while saving time by pre-writing the rest.

If you’re serious about phone sales and want to triple the number of sales calls you make in an hour, give Call Logic a try. Sign up for our free trial now!