If you’re selling life insurance over the phone, protect yourself from mistakes that waste time and push away sales.

You’re calling on ten leads today. You have a breakdown of the prospect’s interest in certain life products. And you’ve got a solid idea of each person’s background. What could go wrong?

If you’re selling life insurance over the phone, there’s a handful of mistakes you’re liable to make. Especially if you walk into the conversation without a plan.

If you want to sell more over the phone and stop pushing leads away, keep these three critical mistakes in mind so you can avoid them.

3 Phone sales mistakes you don’t need to make

1. Failure to ask strategic questions and understand the prospect

Salespeople tend to over-complicate selling. The pressure of getting a prospect to say yes overrides their common sense. They focus on “sales techniques” before they learn how to have a meaningful conversation. The result? Resistance at every step.

Their struggles stem from not understanding the person on the other end of the phone. But how can you sell if you don’t know what the prospect believes, feels or desires?

Before you mention a life insurance product, ask questions that build trust and reveal pain points. Then you’ll understand what your prospect wants and how to provide a solution (or policy) that fits.

When selling life insurance over the phone, it’s best to break your questions into sections, each with a strategic outcome.

  1. What is the current problem the prospect has?
  2. What are her desired outcomes?
  3. What is holding her back from making a decision?

2. Failure to offer solutions that fit the prospect’s unique problems

Let’s say you have a full understanding of the prospect’s problems. The phone call is going well, and you’ve established a rapport. Naturally, the next step is to start talking about solutions, right?

But here’s a crucial mistake that life agents make: offering solutions THEY want to sell, instead of ones that FIT the prospect. It won’t be long until the potential client gets a big, stinky whiff of “commission breath.” The conversation goes sour, and the trust you’ve worked to build disappears.

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Sales calls are never about you; they’re about the prospect. Leave the up-selling at the door, please. Selling life insurance over the phone should be treated as a service!

How can you offer solutions that make people EXCITED to buy from you?

  • Know your life insurance products inside-out.
  • Gauge responses to each plan until you find the answer.
  • Ask the customer straight out (there’s no better way to know!)

3. Failure to prioritize a calling strategy and stick to a process

If you’re in a position that requires selling life insurance over the phone, then you need a calling strategy that works. Using the right tools will enable you to work faster, sell more and streamline a process.

Believe it or not, there’s a lot of time wasted in-between cold calling.

  • Putting together a list to call for the day
  • Dialing numbers and waiting for someone to answer
  • Leaving voicemails for every prospect that doesn’t pick up
  • Writing follow-up emails after conversations
  • Dialing wrong numbers, fax machines, and busy lines

But what if you could bypass all of those issues automatically? That’s a lot of time saved, which is more time spent having real sales conversations and closing deals.

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If you’re serious about phone sales and want to triple the number of sales calls you make in an hour, give Call Logic a try. Sign up for our free trial now!