Cold calling is alive and well—if you have the right automatic dialing app. Here are nine ways today’s cutting edge technology will save you dollars and hours.

In today’s digital-dominated world, cold calling is still an effective way to make a sale, but only if you embrace the new technology instead of succumbing to it. An automatic dialing app can not only save you a lot of time, but it can also boost your sales more than the 1997 version of you would have ever dreamed.

Think about it. An automatic dialing app does a large portion of the manual work you would otherwise have to do to reach so many prospects in a day. It can keep you organized. It can keep you moving. And most of all, it can keep you selling.

Here are some of the reasons why an automatic dialing app is the way to go if you’re looking to boost your sales and still get out of the office at a reasonable hour.

9 Reasons to get an automatic dialing app today

1. You’ll make more calls

Plain and simple, with automatic dialing, you’ll reach more prospects. The app does the dialing before you’ve even finished your current call and if it connects to a busy signal or voicemail, it moves on to the next call right away, reducing the time between calls and thereby allowing for more of them. And mathematically-speaking, more calls translates to more sales.

2. You can schedule calls

Research suggests that between 4 pm and 5 pm is the best time to make cold calls. With an automatic dialing app, you can schedule your most important calls during this hour in the hopes of reaching your top prospects at a time when they’re more receptive to your request.

3. Store customer data

Most automatic dialing software can store customer data, which makes keeping track of and following up with customers a breeze. If you’ve already got your customer data stored in another digital medium, you can even import information you already have into the automatic dialing app, so you don’t have to type everything in again manually. You’ll find this not only saves you time, but having all your customer data in one place will help you to build the relationships necessary to close your sales.

4. Staying focused

Before autodialers, it was easy to get distracted between calls. You might get a drink of water, talk to a co-worker, or grab a snack, all of which adds up to valuable time you could have spent calling prospects. With an autodialer, you have to manually switch it off when it’s time for a break, which makes it much less likely you’ll take too many.

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5. Automated follow-up

An automatic dialing app may also be able to follow-up with a prospect automatically via scripted e-mails that are scheduled to be sent at a specific time after your call ends. This saves you lots of time, and also means that you’re nurturing your new relationship without having to overthink about it. The more connections you cultivate, the more sales you’re going to make.

6. Data reports

How will you know if you’re saving time and making money? With an autodialer, all you have to do is run a report. You can find out how long your typical calls are, which ones have translated into sales, where your best leads come from, and more. These analytical reports enable you to refocus your efforts on the places where you’re finding success instead of leaving you guessing about what you’re doing right and wrong.

7. Whisper coaching

Not every automatic dialing app comes with whisper coaching, but you’ll want to consider one that does. Whisper coaching allows new salespeople to be guided during a call by a voice that the prospect can’t hear. This reduces the training time for new salespeople significantly, which again, leads to more sales.

8. Reduce stress

Overwhelmed by the number of calls you have to make in a day? Don’t worry. Automatic dialing software can make far more calls than you can by hand, which reduces stress and worry and allows you to work confidently and clearly.

9. Keep your skills sharp

Of course, an autodialer isn’t everything. Other things contribute to a strong sales record. For example, top salespeople are ten times more likely to use collaborative words when making cold calls. You’ll still need to master your language skills and your people skills, not to mention the art of the sale. The beauty of an automatic dialing app is that it allows you to focus on those skills instead of worrying about the mechanics of the cold call. Forget about dialing numbers, leaving messages, and sending follow-ups. Instead, focus on what matters—your relationships with your customers.

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