These are the tips the experts use to close deals when they’re selling insurance over the phone. And now you can use them, too.

One of the challenges in sales is that every client is different. It takes a lot of focus and skill to switch gears from one call to the next. One thing that can help is to follow expert tips for selling insurance over the phone. These tips will get you thinking about more than just a close. They’ll get you thinking about your overall approach to phone sales and to your clients.

Telephone sales account for a huge chunk of business transactions, and 41.2% of salespeople believe the phone is still their most useful tool in selling. Despite digital and social media taking up so much of the advertising space, it’s the human connection that genuinely gets people to think about buying, and there’s no better way to create such connections than making phone calls.

Of course, merely calling prospects won’t result in a considerable increase in numbers. Again, you have to connect with people, not just tell them what you have to offer. The real trick to selling insurance over the phone, or anywhere, really, is to establish trust, forge bonds, and make yourself the best salesperson you can be.

selling insurance over the phone

Selling insurance over the phone: 10 Tips to a top-notch sales call

Tip #1: Organize your space

Your success in selling insurance over the phone starts before you even pick up for the first call. Take a look at your surroundings. Is your desk covered with papers and coffee cups? Do you have a million windows open on your computer? Do you use call management software to help manage your calls? Being properly organized is one of the most important tips in phone sales because we tend to take on the mood of our environment. An autodialer is especially helpful for keeping track of all your clients, including following up.

Tip #2: Know your audience

You’re not going to sell an insurance policy to a cleaning company the same way you’ll sell an insurance policy to a law firm; They have different needs. The same is especially true if you’re selling to individuals. Do some research on your prospects before you get them on the phone. Be prepared to meet their needs but also to meet their objections.

Tip #3: Form a connection

We always say sales is about relationships first, and you can’t form a bond if you only talk about the product you’re selling! Ask some personal questions on your call, about spouses or children or other things that may come up organically. You want it to sound natural, but there will be plenty of openings for such questions. Take advantage.

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Tip #4: Start succinctly

Your opening can make or break you. One of the most important tips for selling insurance over the phone is to make your opening brief but powerful. Don’t spend a long time on introductions. Say who you are and where you’re from, then ask a direct, poignant question to get the ball rolling. Make it a conversation before prospects can put their defenses up.

Tip #5: Listen more than you speak

No one will be sold on your product if all they hear is some insurance salesperson rambling on the other end of the phone. Ask more questions, spend time really listening, and deliver your offering based on their responses.

Tip #6: Use a cold-calling script

Cold-calling scripts can feel clunky and fake – unless you have a good one. Then you’ll have more success than if you try to wing it every time. Scripts rank high amongst tips for selling insurance over the phone because they center you, ground you, and help you keep focus, even if a call isn’t going your way.

Tip #7: Be an advisor, not a salesperson

Your prospect has a problem. You have a solution. Instead of selling the solution, though, demonstrate how you can fix the problem. Have answers for all of your prospect’s questions. As an advisor, clients will come back to you repeatedly, which means not just one closed sale, but potentially many.

Tip #8: Mind your words

There are words and phrases that will hurt your chances of closing a sale over the phone. Memorize these and keep them out of your standard script.

Tip #9: Follow up

Most sales aren’t made in a single phone call. Use call management software like Call Logic to make follow up calls and send follow up e-mails easily. You’ll be able to track in real-time how much closer you’re getting to the close, and without the chaos of notepads and spreadsheets.

Tip #10: Be human

As a salesperson, you don’t want to come across too mechanical. Stay present and be human; demonstrate empathy and sympathize with your client’s needs. Know when to take no for an answer. Know how to stay in touch even when the answer is no. Treat people the way you want to be treated. That’s the real secret to selling insurance over the phone, or anywhere else.

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