Looking for new ways to generate timeshare leads? Try some of these social media sales prospecting ideas.

The world of timeshare marketing is changing. As more Millennials start families and make important buying decisions, salespeople need to adjust their strategies for reaching this primarily-digital audience. Savvy real estate professionals are embracing social media sales prospecting ideas specifically geared towards timeshares.

Whether Millennial, Baby Boomer, or somewhere in between, social media has a powerful impact on the marketing community. Data from your ad campaigns is easier to track, and you can connect directly with your audience before you’ve even met them in person. In other words, you get to make a first impression early on, and you can use that to draw people to your business and hopefully land a few qualified prospects in the process.

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To get the best results from your social media sales prospecting ideas, it’s helpful to know which social platforms will work the best for your marketing needs. Probably the most valuable social networking app for timeshare sales is Instagram. That’s because you can take beautiful, unique pictures and videos of your timeshare properties and share them with your followers. While you can do this on other major platforms as well, Instagram is unique in that it relies almost exclusively on visual content.

Facebook and Twitter are also good platforms to advertise on, but don’t ignore Yelp. For consumers, Yelp is a goldmine for information about all things hospitality and it includes customer feedback and ratings, which can help drive your business (as long as no one has anything negative to say!).

Once you’ve chosen your platforms, you’re ready to move forward!

sales prospecting ideas

5 Tested sales prospecting ideas that are proven to work

1. Customer experience videos

With Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, post videos of positive customer experiences to help draw people towards your timeshare properties. Select a few customers and ask if you can take video of them enjoying dinner or a relaxing drink by the fireplace. You might even ask them to give some feedback so you can include that in the video instead of leaving it to reviews on Yelp. This better engages target audiences and helps increase their comfort in making such a big investment.

2. Keep a blog

While a blog itself is not exactly social media, it works in tandem with any of the social platforms. For example, you can write a blog post and then share it on Facebook or Twitter. This will help drive traffic to your site, which is where all social sales prospecting ideas are designed to send your prospects in the first place. A blog can establish you as an expert in your field and also help build trust between you and the clients you haven’t even met yet.

3. Follow the people you want to reach

Being on social media won’t automatically attract customers. You still need to reach them. One way to do this is to follow the people who fit your target audience. They’ll receive a notification, and even if they don’t follow you back, they’ll almost certainly check out your profile, which may lead them to your website and beyond.

4. Engage with audiences

Once you’ve established a following, people will inevitably leave comments on your social posts. Respond to them within a day or sooner if possible. Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to make a first impression, and respond to them as soon as possible. Because it gives you direct access to people who’ve reached out to you first, this is one of the most potentially lucrative sales prospecting ideas for your social media strategy.

5. Incentivize feedback

A site like Yelp can be beneficial because it allows customers to give other potential customers an idea of their experience with your property. Encourage people to leave reviews on Yelp by offering a free add-on that they’d typically have to pay for, perhaps a massage or a bar tab. Just remember that you can’t only incentivize for positive reviews; your offer has to be neutral on the type of review someone will post.

As with any social media sales strategy, post content regularly so nothing gets stale. Always keep the written content exciting and the visual content professional. Never engage in a dispute with a customer over social media. And last but not least, track the metrics of your ad campaigns so you can better target your audiences in the future.

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