Do you have the moxie necessary to be successful at timeshare sales? What about a system for preview dialing?

Maybe “moxie” isn’t a word often used these days, but the Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines it as “energy, pep; courage, determination; know-how.” These are all traits that are essential for seeing efficient, forward motion in the timeshare sales industry. And, coincidentally, they are also characteristics that preview dialing helps support!

1. Preview Dialing Ignites More “Energy, Pep”

When you enter into an uncomfortable conversation, your voice likely becomes quieter, your words don’t flow as easily, and you may use filler words like, “um,” “uh,” “like,” “you know.” This can get even worse when you aren’t using a strong sales script or you’re completely unfamiliar with who you’re speaking to.

Using an advanced dialer that offers preview dialing features to introduce you to the voice on the other end of the line before the call connects will help eliminate much of this initial discomfort. Preview dialing showcases essential customer information that can better acquaint you with the person you’re calling. This information can include his or her location and contact information, his or her calling history with your agency, important demographics, specific interests, and more!

With this knowledge, you can better tailor your approach to the customer – whether connecting over a mutual interest, geographic location, or another related topic that builds rapport and confidence as you enter into a conversation.

2. Preview Dialing Builds “Courage, Determination”

Whenever your agency connects with a customer via your cloud-based advanced call center technology, those communications are automatically tracked in the system. Agents can plug pertinent details about each interaction into the customer’s profile to ensure the most up-to-date information is available to the next person (or the same person) the next time that lead is contacted.

When using preview dialing, like that available from Call Logic, you can see the lead’s last disposition, purchase history, and his or her expressed interests in timeshares that the lead discussed during the previous conversation. With this information, you’re no longer shooting into the dark… which builds your courage and determination as you come one step closer to closing the deal. This wealth of knowledge also builds customers’ trust as agents are knowledgeable and well-prepared.

3. Preview Dialing Increases “Know-How”

When you upload TCPA-compliant lists of customers, leads, or prospects into the preview dialer, agents can see an informative and highly customizable dashboard that is easy, simple, and highly efficient. However, this feature of preview dialing enabled software is not the only way that agents can feel full of moxie with “know-how” to spare!

When training new agents, working with a unique customer personality, or dealing with a difficult situation, the calling system also offers call recording and a whisper coaching feature that allows managers or trainers to quietly join in and provide single-sided assistance to the agent on the call. During the call, the customer has no idea that they are being “double-teamed.” However, the agent gains the benefit of feeling more confident and more secure in providing accurate responses and quality customer engagement.

Manufacture More Moxie with Preview Dialing

If you’re feeling short on energy, courage, or know-how in your timeshare telesales, up your moxie level with an affordable, easy-to-use, quality preview dialing system. Learn more about it from our sales experts, and request your free, LIVE demo of Call Logic dialing software today!

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