Let’s be realistic. Most of the people you dial each day from lead lists aren’t going to be thrilled that you’re calling. They may feel that your call is an inconvenience and an interruption to their regular day’s schedule. Furthermore, they may be uninterested in what they think you’re calling about.

Are you up for the challenge? Sure, you are!

Especially when making cold calls, you must realize that those you’re calling may not have all the time in the world to speak with you. Therefore, you must strive to build trust and credibility in the first 30 seconds of the phone call. While you may fear the quick brush off, make it your goal to use these six insurance selling tips to engage and inspire trust in your prospects:

1. DON’T be disingenuous

Humans have five senses that they use unconsciously to create an overall impression of someone. However, when only one sense can be used – in this case, listening – the awareness of vocal nuances is usually heightened. This means that insincerity, boredom, insecurity, and falseness can generally be picked up on very quickly. Allow trainers or managers to occasionally listen in on your calls to provide feedback on the tone you are portraying with your voice.

2. DO pronounce names correctly

When you make a call and ask for “Kylie,” for example, but the prospect’s name is “Kaylie,” you have lost the battle with your first shot. If you’re working from a handwritten list or attempting to read from a spreadsheet littered with names, you can easily get confused. Be prepared by utilizing a preview dialer for clear identification of each person on the other end of the line.

3. DON’T Interrupt Their Initial Response

This is a tip from Mike Brooks, otherwise known as Mr. Inside Sales: sometimes prospects don’t provide a positive response at first. In this situation, you may be tempted to jump in and try to obtain or retain the prospects’ interest. However, realize that you’re not likely the first insurance sales person to call them. Thus, they may have built up a resistance to or even have an avoidant script at the ready for what you’re offering. Set yourself apart from the others by hearing out the prospects. In this way, you make them feel listened to and valued… one of the most essential insurance selling tips out there. People are more likely to hear you out when you can assure them that you aren’t trying to ‘take their money,’ but are rather offering them valuable information to consider.

4. DO be positive

You know the feeling you get when you have calls with negative, doom and gloom kinds of prospects who are short-tempered and cranky. You can feel the difference in your demeanor by the end of the call. Attitudes are contagious – both theirs and yours. Enter the call with kindness and enthusiasm and be prepared with positive statements to counter any negativity that may be served up to you. Share your positive vibe to help build a positive rapport with your prospect. Remember this catchy phrase, “Smile and dial.”

5. DON’T risk leaving an off-putting voicemail

Sometimes, even if you use the right approach, have the perfect personality for telesales, and follow all the insurance selling tips you can find, your sales are negatively affected by the tools you’re using to support your efforts. You won’t always get a chance to connect with each prospect voice-to-voice. You’ll often need to leave a voicemail, and you want prospects to respond positively to it! Rather than attempting to repeat the same script over and over (which will inevitably become monotonous and rote to the leads you connect with later in the day), use a power dialer that allows you to pre-record a stellar message with just the right tone of voice and click to leave it in their inbox when they don’t answer.

6. DO use a power dialer to avoid the tell-tale pause

If you use a predictive dialer, your lead will experience “the awkward pause” when they first answer the phone. This pause gives them time to dismiss your call or get frustrated. You also lose out on that potential prospect’s attention and trust before you say a single word! A power dialer, however, avoids the dead air time altogether, which helps you make a better first impression.

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