The whole point of calling your leads lists is to meet more potential insurance buyers. You tried manually calling the numbers, but it was slow and tedious work that always took so long to get through a large list. You hated watching the time tick by as you sat through dial tones, ringing, voicemail messages, and disconnected notifications.

So, you tried a predictive auto dialer, thinking you could use your air time only for calls that were actually answered by a live person. It was a good idea in theory. Multiple contacts were dialed simultaneously and you avoided having to listen to unanswered calls, busy lines, or fax machines, as only live answered calls were directed to you or your available representatives. You worked through your lists more quickly, yes, but the telltale seconds of delay at the start of each call resulted in more instant hang-ups and incurred immediate irritation from prospects before you even got to tell them your name or what you wanted to offer them!


Be Cool About Cold Calling

If these scenarios describe the frustrations you feel as you work to increase your insurance sales, you’re not alone. While everyone in the industry would prefer to have individuals call – out of the blue – about an insurance product they’re looking for, certainly not all leads are going to arrive gift-wrapped like that.

Let’s face it. Cold calling is part and parcel of the whole insurance sales gig. No, you won’t sell something to every person you call, but you know that being able to make more calls each day will naturally increase your odds of connecting, communicating and closing deals.

Since manually dialing and predictive auto dialer systems are not cutting it, it’s time to consider using a power auto dialer.

An Auto Dialer Means More Connections

An auto dialer can enable insurance agents to do more, faster. From making initial contact, to capturing essential data, to scheduling follow-ups and more, an auto dialer can dramatically improve the way you handle your leads throughout the entire process.

  • Time Can Be a Killer

When you have to hang up, make notes, find the next number, manually dial it, and keep your energy up – all at the same time – it gets really difficult! The frustration, disappointment, and realization of how many times you’ve heard, “No”, can creep in and slow down your progress and enthusiasm. An auto dialer, however, can be programmed to promptly move on to the next number at the conclusion of the prior call. This feature provides an external motivator to keep you engaged with the flow of making calls and connections. The automated momentum helps counter agents’ energy drop that inevitably hits during those in-between pockets of time.

  • Keep it Real

No one likes being treated like they’re just a number. An auto dialer is an effective way to keep your agents aware that each call made is to a real, live, unique individual. By integrating your power dialer with your CTI, agents can quickly review the information history of the contact prior to each call. This helps personalize the leads as being a person, not just the next name on a long list of faceless prospects.

  • You Had Me At “Hello!”

A power dialer begins dialing the next number for you as soon as you’re ready for it. It connects you with the live prospects and prevents the hated connection delay of a predictive dialer and helps keep you moving through your list to meet more buyers each day.

  • Ensure A Job Well Done

If your agents sound despondent or distracted, the person (yes, it IS a real person!) on the other end of the line, will pick up on it. However, using an auto dialer allows managers to shadow calls and reward successful calling efforts. This will help your agents feel more inspired and willing to do their best on each and every call! This ability to enhance agent morale can also improve staff retention rates, as an auto dialer will help your agents reach their quotas and productive agents are happier agents!


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Keep Connected to Buyers

Not only does an auto dialer serve to help you meet more buyers each day, but once you’ve made the initial connections, it assists with follow-up processes. In the system, you can make disposition notes, send emails and provide immediate follow-up attention to maintain the engagement. This level of seamless connection has been proven to improve conversion rates by more than 300%!

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