Insurance sales is all about building trust. As an agent, you are accountable for each of your client’s savings, financial investments, home and mortgage, retirement plan, health and well-being… these are weighty responsibilities!

To your clients, the stakes are high, the risks are great, and the costs can be substantial.

Unfortunately, according to an IBM survey, only 43 percent of consumers trust the insurance industry. This lack of trust in insurance providers has been reflected in over 50% of those surveyed since 2007.

Failing to focus on intentionally establishing trust with your clients is a big mistake. Until your prospects know that you care about them and what’s important to them, they’ll likely remain skeptical, believing that you are merely another salesperson trying to make a sale.


Are You Willing to Build Trust?

According to a report by Concerto Marketing Group and Research Now, 83 percent of customers would recommend a company or provider they trusted to others. In the world of social sharing and non-filtered opinions being freely given every day, you must do all that you can to ensure that what is being said of your insurance agency is flattering to your brand.

Although we know that it is easier to keep an existing customer than it is to win a new one, it can be easy to get lax with intentionally maintaining that initial level of trust that you worked so hard to establish when you first made the sale.

Trust is a powerful currency in the business world. However, it’s also one that requires the constant expenditures of three things:

  1. Time
  2. Consistency
  3. Effort.

The insurance industry is highly competitive, and one that takes a lot of these three things, already. While you may believe that you can’t afford to increase your margin in these three key areas in your existing business, perhaps you can’t afford not to!

Power Phone Dialer = A Strong, Simple Solution

One way to provide that consistent effort that doesn’t require an impossible expenditure of time, is to utilize automated assistance in the form of a power phone dialer.

You likely don’t have the time to sit at a phone all day, manually tracking important information and dialing up each of your existing clients to schedule policy reviews, offer congratulations on anniversaries or warm wishes on birthdays, etc. However, these are exactly the kinds of interactions that help build trust and relationship value.

A power phone dialer works hand-in-hand with your CRM to handle creating call lists that connect with your clients at just the right time. Power dialers give you and your agents the chance to talk to your existing customers live, which provides a friendly, knowledgeable voice to accompany your brand with these valuable individuals.

A power phone dialer cuts down on wasted time that accrues in between calls or from agents’ errors in manually reading and dialing numbers from a list. Since power dialers only connect with there is a live answer on the other end, it removes the time gap between your customer’s answer and your agent’s response. This creates a more personal feel to the call, removing their realization that it was actually an automated dial.

This idea of increasing trust through personalization is also supported by a power phone dialer’s inclusion of each consumer’s personal information on the agent’s computer screen, as the number is being dialed. This preview sets your agents up for the ability to connect with real-time data and to immediately answer any questions that the customer may have while on the phone with them.


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A Power Phone Dialer Provides Trust-Building Touchpoints

If you aren’t regularly connecting with your existing clients to maintain trust and to cultivate their loyalty to you and your agency, you may be risking losing customers… not good.

Here are a few ways that a power phone dialer can help you establish consistent touchpoints with them, in order to keep them!

  • Policy Reviews

Your customers may have questions about their policy that you need to answer…

They may be coming up on an expiring policy that they need to renew…
They may need a reminder to pay their monthly premium payment…

When you use a power phone dialer to systematically connect with each individual on your targeted lists, you are able to express a personalized level of care and concern for your clients in these and other areas. You can build rapport and establish their increased awareness of your interest in their needs and your willingness to assist.

Birthday/Anniversary Calls
Going the extra mile to make your clients feel known and valued will take you far. Create customized lists for your agents to complete each day/week/month to give well-wishes to your customers and to engage with them in a non-selling touchpoint.

  • Appreciation/Apologies
    Saying thank you to customers who renew their policies or who provide valuable feedback shows that you noticed them. Offering a sincere apology for a mistake, a ball that may have gotten dropped or for a glitch in a system shows that you realize that you may not always be perfect, but that you are working to improve for their benefit! Using a power phone dialer, especially for large lists of customers can help you accomplish these efforts in a much timelier manner. These kinds of calls give you the chance to develop a meaningful customer relationship that can increase trust and improve your bottom line.


Increase the Value of Your Currency of Trust

Your existing insurance clients should be more than happy to stay with you long-term. However, with the number of options available to them, it is imperative that you work to establish trust and loyalty with them in order to accomplish this… especially when working with millennials!

The right call center technology for your agency can make or break the level of trust that your existing clients have. Learn how to use a power phone dialer and preview a FREE demo by connecting with our Call Logic professionals today!

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