Any company involved in telesales depends on telephone technology for every part of their business, including cold calling. Whether you believe cold calling is a dead sales technique or not, any business involved in telesales will have to inevitably use it at some point to drum up new business. Whether you’re in a large call center, maintaining numerous outbound call campaigns simultaneously, or you’re working from home, dealing with the painstaking task of completing cold calls manually, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the whole process. But what if you could improve the way you handle cold calls? Use them to your advantage rather than see them as a burden? It’s time to take a look at auto dialing software.

Efficiency is Key

Regardless of which place you find yourself in – a large call center or a home business – any telesales business is dependent on efficiency. It can be difficult to maintain, especially with cold calls. There’s so much to monitor, such as an extensive list of potential leads, notes taken during the calls, making sure you’ve updated contact information, trying to follow-up in a timely manner, and so on! However, auto dialing software can help with all of this and more! Here are 4 reasons why auto dialing software is superior to manual dialing, can improve your cold calling efforts, and increase efficiency across the board:

1. Reduced Idle Call Time

If you or your staff are manually dialing cold leads, you have to wait until a call is connected. For every call made, an agent is likely to waste time listening to busy tones, answering machines, and disconnected calls. Auto dialer technology removes these elements. The caller can simply skip the call if any of these time-wasting signals are identified. Auto dialers truly improve efficiency by significantly minimizing idle time, as it ensures that only answered calls are routed to the agent. This means each agent can complete more calls per hour, which leads to more deals closed.

2. Increased Agent Talk Time

One of the most important advantages of an auto dialing software is the significant ability to increase agent talk time as compared to manual dialing. With minimized idle time and improved call connect ratio, agents spend more time talking to the potential leads. On average, agent talk time will increase from approximately 15-20 minutes per hour to 40-50 minutes per hour. The best auto dialing software is one that increases the agent talk time immensely, leading to better customer engagement, higher success rates, and improved agent productivity.

3. Better Lead Conversion

Outbound call campaigns need agility. For example, the calling agent has to be able to maneuver through calls efficiently so his or her leads can be moved to clients. When an intuitive auto dialer solution is implemented, especially when it involves high-value leads, that agility is achieved. Auto dialers have the capability to provide a quick snapshot of customers’ contact details before dialing the call, which helps agents to prepare before a call is connected. This access to information prior to the call helps the agent drive the conversation in a more personal and direct way, which helps to fully engage the prospective lead and significantly increases the chances of lead conversion.

4. Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting

The best auto dialer software programs are customizable and can encompass all aspects of an agent’s job with reports, dashboards, integration with other software programs, and more. Managers and supervisors can also monitor every call. This means they can guide agents to take quick action and identify problems in real time. Auto dialer software also allows call recording, allowing managers to monitor agents’ performance and ensure high call quality levels. Key call center metrics can be easily tracked and measured at specific intervals to achieve higher operational efficiency.

Are You Ready to Improve Your Cold Calls?

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