Can you imagine what it was like to build the pyramids? The manpower, the time, the amount of manual labor that went into hauling, chiseling, pushing and pulling… it sounds utterly exhausting!

However, the introduction of power tools, powered equipment and powerful technology to support such large-scale efforts made a world-changing difference!

Now, it may not be exactly the same as power tools for pyramid-building, but consider the impact that a power dialer phone system could make on your tele-sales approach.


Power tools mean powerful results

According to the Greek historian Herodotus, approximately 100,000 workers built the Pyramids. That is a lot people all working together to accomplish a singular task.

What if these 100,000 builders would have had access to the technology that would have made their jobs easier? Faster? How many more of these wonders of the world would they have been able to create in the same amount of time?

Along the same lines, how much more could your investment into your company’s salesforce produce, if the same number of employees could produce more results in the same timeframe?

Streamlining processes and utilizing efficient technologies, like power dialer phone systems, reduce the weight each call center agent carries, allowing them to do more, faster. Their “more-doing” means your higher returns.

You’ve got the power!

Although predictive dialing was popular in the not-too-distant past – especially when compared to manual dialing! – power dialer phone systems give control back in exceptionally appealing ways. For example, your agents can adjust the variety of customizable speed and connection settings, to find the rhythm that best suits their ability levels. Agents can also strategically avoid wasting time dealing with busy signals, invalid phone numbers, and unanswered calls, to connect only with live prospects. This maximizes your company’s personal connection with potentially warm leads.

One of the most frustrating telemarketing experience from the perspective of potential customers, is to answer a ringing phone to find an empty line. The reality is, you may never know if that person might have been a stellar new customer… you never got the chance to speak with him or her! That’s why a power dialer phone system is designed to stop dialing when an agent connects with a live person. This feature actively avoids abandoned calls to improve your customer’s experience, and it allows you to directly speak to more live leads who may be able to be converted into customers!


The power of power dialer phone systems

When you choose to dispose of the outdated manual dialing, you can increase the efficiency in your call center by up to 300%. The power dialer takes care of the dialing process while your agents spend their valuable time only speaking to live customers, cultivating prospects, and developing leads.

More live calls lead to more sales conversions, not just for a single agent, but for each and every agent utilizing the system – Imagine the increased profits that could result in!

Take Back Your Revenue-Building Power

Just as power tools could’ve made ancient pyramid-building more productive, discover how today’s tools can result increased productivity and revenue for your business.

If you’re ready to learn more about power dialer phone systems, connect with Call Logic today to request a FREE demo to see the time and money saving features in action. Then, take advantage of the FREE TRIAL offer to test it out for yourself!