Make timeshare objections a thing of that past with these helpful tips.

Timeshares sales are unlike other sales. You’re selling a unique product that’s part experience, part tangible real estate, and part lifestyle. You also have some unique objections to face from potential buyers. Good news, though. Not all timeshare objections are insurmountable.

You can overcome many timeshare objections by thinking of each one as a problem to solve rather than a sale to be won. Successful salespeople are ready and prepared to respond to hesitation with suggestions and advice. And the more objections you respond to, the easier it becomes to change a prospect’s mind.

Defeating timeshare objections is particularly necessary when your whole pitch has been otherwise successful. When people are nodding and smiling and saying yes to everything you’ve offered, only to end up saying the cost is too much or they need to think it over, your efforts have not been wasted. In fact, this type of client is just minutes away from buying, as long as you know how to address their concerns when it’s time to close the sale.

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timeshare objections

4 Common timeshare objections and how you can move past them to make a sale

1. Financial objections

Probably the most common objection to buying a timeshare is the price. Many people, after listening to your whole pitch, will say they don’t have the money to buy right now. But if they didn’t have the money, why would they listen to an entire pitch in the first place? There are two tricks here. One is to choose your wording to demonstrate how the benefits of the timeshare outweigh the cost, and the other is to reinforce your offering at the time of the objection.

One way to succeed in both cases, especially when you’re selling over the phone is to use call scripts, like the ones you can create and customize within Call Logic’s call management system. Trying to close a telephone sale without a script is a tricky game – one that you’ll lose more than you’ll win. A call script will help you stay on topic, make sure that you emphasize the right points, and will give you a framework for reinforcing your offer at the end of the pitch.

2. Thinking it over

Another of the most common timeshare objections is that the prospect says they need time to think it over. Maybe they want to talk it over with a family member or attorney or someone else. This objection is a little more challenging to overcome in the moment, but you can easily push back on it by practicing effective follow-up techniques.

First and foremost, don’t wait too long to follow up! It’s a good idea to get an email address so you can follow up right away, even before they’ve had time to think about it. Remind them what they’re thinking about, make sure all those benefits stay top of mind. You can easily follow up via email with software like Call Logic that makes email follow-up a breeze. When you get off the phone, use a customizable email template, plug in the relevant information, and send it off instantly to your prospect so that as soon as they open their inbox, they’ll be thinking of your proposition again.

You can also follow up by phone, another thing that Call Logic can help you with. Create call campaigns to reach your follow-ups one after another with each prospect’s information—including objections to buying—right on the screen in front of you. You’ll streamline the process and give a prospect less time to think and more time to act.

3. Thinking about another offer

Many people resort to timeshare objections simply because the properties they’ve seen or heard about all seem too similar. A lot of timeshares have the same basic amenities. By focusing on what makes your timeshare unique, you’ll send the message to the prospect that you’re offering something someone else cannot, and if they don’t act now, they might miss out.

Promote nearby amenities as well as the ones offered within the timeshare itself. If possible, demonstrate the flexibility of any given timeshare to show that there are plenty of times a year for it to be used and enjoyed. If your prospect has a family, push the family activities and especially those for children. (If you offer childcare, that’s almost always attractive to prospective buyers.) Give your leads a reason to buy, and they’re much more likely to do so.

4. Just not interested

No list of timeshare objections would be complete without this one, which can be the most difficult and the easiest to overcome at the same time. When this is offered at the start of a pitch, you can provide an objection in return that they haven’t even heard what you’re selling yet! If that doesn’t work, offer them something of value, like a trial of one of the properties you’re selling or a discount on the first year’s cost. Find a way to capture and keep their attention so you can at least get on with the pitch.

Once they’ve heard the pitch, if they still say they’re not interested, ask yourself, well then why did they listen to an entire pitch? Even if they stayed for a hand-out, there must have been at least *some* interest in considering your timeshare. Prevent this from happening by listening to their reactions to your pitch as you go along. When their voice perks up. make a mental note that you’ve said something that captured their interest. If you use software like Call Logic, you can make the note right in the client profile so you can refer to it later without having to worry about memorizing. Always remember that most people are at least somewhat interested in hearing what someone else has to sell. Take advantage of that and build on that interest when you can.

Defeating timeshare objections won’t be easy at first, but if you work at it and practice, you’ll get the hang of it eventually. Call management systems can be a huge help in turning objections into sales, but at the end of the day, remember: the way to change a prospect’s mind is to present solutions so that there aren’t any more objections for them to work with.

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