Remember the story of Cinderella? As an overburdened worker wishing for some time off to attend a local party, she worked feverishly to finish her endless list of tasks. However, it wasn’t until a bit of magic appeared that she was able to complete all that needed doing before time ran out.

This metaphor might be a bit of a stretch, but as an insurance sales manager, you may know a similar feeling: there’s always too much to do and too little time. You need a little magic.

You need a dialer.


Sprinkle in Some Wonder

Cinderella didn’t have the time to get all dolled up so that she could stand out from the competition at the ball. Rather, it took a little bit of magic to bring things together faster (and more impressively) than she could possibly have accomplished on her own with the time she had available.

In the same way, time is a key component of your success as well.

It takes time to:

  • Develop a call list
  • Format a spreadsheet that will track your progress through the list
  • Carefully dial each number (avoiding mistakes)
  • Wait for the ringing and hold your breath for a live person to respond
  • Listen to the voicemail message and the beep, and try to leave a professional-sounding voicemail (trying not to say, “Umm…” “You know…” “Like…”)
  • Start the whole process all over again!

While you want business to keep increasing, it’s sometimes tempting to dream about things slowing down just so you can catch up!

The result of this dichotomy is that you’re either going to have to find a way to squeeze more time into a day. Or, find a way to improve your calling process so that you can fit more productivity into the amount of time you have.

Automating steps of the calling process with a dialer, like the one available from Call Logic, allows you to seamlessly recover lost time, reach more live prospects each day, and spend your time far more productively… almost like magic!

In addition, all this can be accomplished with far less expense than if you were to add more team members and cover more salaries.


Did you know that Call Logic’s progressive dialing system will speed-dial numbers from your list? You’ll never dial a wrong number again. Plus you can leave pre-recorded messages when you run into voice mailboxes. Try Call Logic today and see how many more prospects you’ll talk to today!

Wave the Magic Wand…

When it comes to using the Call Logic dialer, it’s almost as simple as waving a magic wand. You start by uploading your list of prospects to a secure website. You then specify what phone number you’re calling from and what number you want to show up on caller IDs. You can even choose a valid local number!

With an internet connection, you can start making calls from any cell phone, computer, or landline. The dialer automatically begins dialing the numbers for you, displaying pertinent information on the screen so that you can be prepared to engage your prospects when they answer the phone.

However, almost 70% of the time, you’ll have to leave a voicemail. This means a ton of time is wasted every day simply leaving voicemails. Fortunately, with an automated dialer, you are able to record one (or multiple) professional voicemail messages to choose from when you encounter a voicemail box.

Throughout your calling campaign, you can simply click a button to have your dialer leave your preferred pre-recorded voicemail for you, while also automatically moving on to the next prospect’s number.


Say the Magic Words… Show Me the Dialer

If you’re ready to discover the magic of dialer automation, it’s time to connect with the experts at Call Logic! Let our purveyors of automation enchantment show you a FREE demo of all that an automated dialer can do for you and your business to recover time, develop customer relationships, and get that to-do list done in time for you to enjoy more of what life has to offer!

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